Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Design Tips: Dining Room Furniture for You

When you are selecting dining room furniture to start or upgrade your home, consider several factors. First, this set likely will be for much more than formal occasional dinners. Today’s casual, friendly lifestyles and popular open floorplans lend themselves to versatile dining tables and seating. No matter if you’re after a dignified Victorian-style 7-piece dining set or a cute counter-height dinette for your breakfast nook slash homework study station, Furniture Distributors not only provides you with a diversity of styles and price points. Through the years and with designers’ advice we’ve figured out how best to make a well-informed choice for your household.

7-piece dining set

Which Size and Shape Dining Table Should YOU Have?

When you miss the mark measuring your space for your dining table, you end up either with the table crowding out your chairs or lots of dead space making your room look bad. So be very judicious with your yardstick or tape measure, checking out how much square footage you have. Write it all down, and measure again. It’s crucial! Anyway, when you have a handle on your room’s dimensions, you can plan and shop online or visit the store. Here are some basic dining room table rules to live by. Make sure the table is at least two feet from the walls. This guarantees that your dining room set will dominate the room without being overpowering. The optimal clearance space between the table and your walls is one yard, that is, 36 inches. Also, choose a table width practical enough so everyone seated can comfortably reach the center to serve themselves, pass the vegetable bowl or gravy boat, etc. A standard for this criterion is 4 feet or less. Your new dining table’s top should be around 30 inches above your floor. Square and round tables of course are good for smaller rooms.

dining chair

Fitting Dining Chairs into Your Room

To determine your dining furniture’s optimal seat-to-table distance, try out various pieces in the store. It’s paramount that your chair can slide under the table without knocking anything. A novel idea in dining decor is to artfully contrast styles (not clash) in chairs, dining benches, and tables rather than have everything match. Don’t be afraid to experiment with a bit of whimsy.

When you want to make over your dining room furniture to better fit your changing needs and tastes, our Havelock, NC store is here to assist and of course to offer you the lowest prices.

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