Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Design Tips: Awesome Home Offices

Need a kitchen command center? A homework nook for your middle-schoolers or even yourself doing postgrad research? Or maybe you joined the legions of 21st-century workers enjoying more productive use of their time working from home instead of driving long distances daily. Whatever your home office furniture needs, and whatever square footage you may have at your disposal, there is an ideal design with its accompanying pieces that will help you reach your goals.

 writing desk

Clever Solutions for the Smallest Home Offices

If you’re just starting out or you have no spare bedrooms to convert into your home office or study space, don’t panic. Even a wall or corner can be profitably (pun intended) converted into a trim, efficient workstation. The home office furniture we can order for you includes ideal solutions as manufacturers understand your dilemma. For example, you can squeeze a cool multipurpose desk complete with built-in shelves underneath so you have a simple, uncluttered spot at which to sit and tap away on your laptop, free from distractions. You can also have drawers and USB ports in your desk, conserving precious space.

L-shape desk

Stretch Out a Bit: Midsize Home Offices

If you enjoy having a bit more room for your home office furniture but you’re still sharing a room, check out corner desks or the slightly longer L-shaped versions that can occupy about a fourth of the space. Again consider a piece that includes drawers and/or shelves. These desks afford you more room to lay out documents or to park your printer.

desk with hutch

Full-Sized Home Offices

When you have a dedicated room for your home office, some excellent choices include impressive executive desks with Victorian design details, perfect for receiving clients in your home. Also popular are credenza desks with hutches.

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Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Design Tips: Contemporary Living Rooms

Traditional living room furniture often fits one of two patterns. First, there was the formal parlor sometimes with plastic slipcovers on the long-coveted “good furniture” that was often just for show. Children and pets were forbidden almost all the time and even the grownups only used the room a couple of times a year, such as having guests over for the holidays. Second, you had riotous displays of chintz and other clutter from travel souvenirs to the umpteenth “pretty collection” of something, in its own way as off-putting as the parlor. With today’s casual, friendly approach to life and open floor plans, such living room arrangements have become a thing of the past. Living room furniture from Furniture Distributors is meant to be lived in, truly USED. Your living room is part receiving area, part true lounge both for family and friends, part homework and music-practice location, and even more. Contemporary living rooms are both inviting and uncluttered, also reflecting Asian ideas about living spaces as popularized by feng shui and downsizing maven Marie Kondo. Here are some design tips to get the most joy out of your modern living room and its furniture.

 occasional tables

Clarity and Focus: Zen-Like Simplicity

One approach to contemporary living room furniture comes from the idea that the best-looking living rooms, of those with the most affluence and taste, resemble art galleries with the spare purposefulness of the decor, as clear as a Zen garden. Yet the space is eminently livable, reflecting the modernist idea last century of the home as a machine for living. Many living room pieces and sets fit this idea. One example is a living room sofa in black leather, its stark lines accentuated by its gleaming chrome frame. An ideal companion piece for this sofa would be a coffee table with a tempered glass top. It doesn’t take too much imagination to fill in the rest of the decor details, from ultramodern accent lamps, the bulbs seeming hanging from metallic stalks or ensconced in glass balls, to Patrick Nagel prints, car posters or even fine original signed and numbered art on the walls. Another approach nods to the recent past, popularized by TV shows such as “Mad Men.” Midcentury modern, also called Danish modern, was considered unhip a couple of decades ago and thrown out; now decorators can’t get enough of it. Thank goodness you don’t have to comb vintage shops to find a fragile old sofa or bar to make this decor statement. Choose among the top brand furniture in our stores to channel your inner Don Draper or Joan Holloway.

 living room ottoman

Spot Color to Add “Pop”

Once you’ve got the noble-simplicity vibe going in your living room furniture, it’s time to have a little fun. Why not an accent ottoman or pouf in faux fur dyed fuchsia? Maybe an accent chair or armchair in hubba-hubba electric line green or ice-cream shop orange. The possibilities for spot color as an exclamation point to your decor statement are virtually endless!

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