Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Design Tips: How to Maximize a Small Space

Maybe your cozy home is just a bit too claustrophobic for your design vision. The interior decorating pros say “Don’t panic!” if your home is pressed for square footage. It’s a matter of finding a winning combination of economizing on your usage of square feet and ingenious decor tricks proven to create the illusion of spaciousness. Here are some pieces of advice we at Furniture Distributors have gleaned over the years of helping households like you stretch out in confining quarters.

corner TV console

The Glory of Compact Corner Units

If you can only dedicate a corner of your room to your entertainment furniture or home office, don’t fret. Our stores carry wonderful options in TV corner units for even wide-screen TVs complete with glass doors and shelves to accommodate your sound/speaker and media storage needs. For your workstation or dedicated study nook, consider an efficient, sleek corner desk with built-in shelves on one side.

office corner desk

It’s All Done with Mirrors

A tried and true design tactic to make a small room seemingly expand is to employ mirrors, and not necessarily complete wall mirrors to artificially double its size in an optical illusion. No, rather the skillful use of accent mirrors magnifies your room’s natural (sun) and artificial light.

accent mirror

Color and Light Magic

When you want your room to seem bigger, choose brighter colors than you normally would, go for window treatments that admit more sunlight, and strategically place more accent lamps around the room. Even electric candles on wall sconces can help. Also, choose glossier or shiny metal finishes such as chrome to bring your little room to life. And, just like with clothing, horizontal stripes make things appear larger.

Stop by our Cherry Point, NC store or any of our other locations for more help in maximizing your smaller home for the most aesthetic appeal and functionality, all at eminently affordable prices.