Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Is a Memory Foam Mattress Right for You?

No doubt about it: memory foam mattresses are the industry’s big success story of the past 20 years. Many top brands make them, and each has its refinements so you get that 7-9 hours of sleep you need for performance and health. But is a memory foam mattress right for you? If so, which one? In today’s blog post we’ll give a quick overview of this wonder substance and why so many Furniture Distributors customers come back to tell us getting a memory foam mattress is the greatest decision they ever made.

memory foam mattress

How Memory Foam Mattresses Evolved

What became your memory foam mattress started in the top-secret labs of the federal government during the space race to the moon, in the 1960s. Then, NASA was looking for a material to best absorb the impact in crashes. This early viscoelastic foam was so good that hospitals started using it for wheelchair seat cushions to relieve painful pressure points due to prolonged sitting or lying in intensive care. It wasn’t long before mattress brands took an interest. And so in the 1990s, the first commercial memory foam mattresses hit the market. These were not without their problems. Early memory foam retained heat making for a less comfortable night, for example. The brands got this feedback and went back to the lab. Today, memory foam mattresses of all sizes and firmnesses make up 2 out of 10 new mattresses sold in the United States!

gel hybrid memory foam mattress

Why a Memory Foam Mattress for You?

One of the biggest groups of memory foam mattress fans are side sleepers. When you sleep on one side, the uneven surface you present to your mattress makes it extra hard to support your body without aggravating pressure points. Not a problem with today’s memory foam mattresses, which shape themselves perfectly and evenly to your body’s contours, giving your tired muscles a break. To solve the problem of temperature control, memory foam mattress makers created foam that “breathes”! That mean airflow through the mattress on the cellular level gives you the perfect temperature control you seek. Consider a gel hybrid memory foam mattress if motion disturbance has been an issue for you and a partner.

Whatever your sleep requirements, the selection of memory foam mattresses at our Camp Lejeune, NC store and other Furniture Distributors locations is second to none in the area for quality and fair prices.