Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Novel TV Room Design Ideas

Maybe your square footage allows you a dedicated room for your favorite TV shows, movies, sports, and games. Or if you’re in a small apartment, a corner or nook is all you have to spare for your important “appointment TV” viewing. No matter what you’ve got to work with, we at Furniture Distributors are happy to share some design tips to maximize your enjoyment of your entertainment furniture, whatever you may choose.

TV stand

Create a Distinctive Space Within a Room

When you can’t have a room dedicated to your TV, sound, etc., you can still masterfully create the effect of a separate space within an existing room with differences in decor. For example, in a room with hardwood floors, try a soft rug in a bright color between your seating and TV stand. Then have your window treatment and accent pillows mirror or echo that color choice. Perhaps a dimmer switch for your entertainment nook can enhance your viewing with the home theater experience even if your screen is relatively small. If you really want to mark your media space, maybe one wall color such as stark white or putting up wood laminate will do the job without competing with the screen for your eyes’ attention. To make a small space seem bigger, try placing the sofas parallel to the screen.

 entertainment center

Less Is More: Minimalist Chic

From midcentury to industrial there are many complementary design ideas that make sure the focus or your room or corner is the screen. Keep distractions to a minimum; leave the mementoes for another day. But if you don’t want bare walls or shelves on your entertainment center, have some fun by putting a picture or two of your all-time favorite movie or show in a frame that blends into the wall color.

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