Monday, October 7, 2019

Amazing Mattress Support Report: Find YOUR Perfect Night “Ride”!

For your next sleep solution, Furniture Distributors’ well-appointed mattress stores have wonderful news! Come to our Greenville, NC location to use the truly amazing mattress Support Report by Furniture First to determine the best mattress type for your body. We have got queen mattresses and more literally down to a science. Take the otherwise expensive guesswork out of what you’ll be sleeping on for the next 10 years!

Mattress Support Report

How Mattress Support Report Works

Originally developed to help doctors, our mattress Support Report from the Xsensor company has you lie on a special bed equipped with 1,800 sensors and a monitor screen. These sensors measure pressure and support according to your body’s unique shape. Our Support Report then uses the data from the sensors to make a map of your body with varying pressures shown with different colors, which the monitor will show you. Where your personalized pressure image shows red is where you need maximum support. The report then assigns a number to you for a recommended mattress. Couples are mapped one person at a time to yield both individual and couples product recommendations. Results range from 1 cloud (cute!) for firm to 4 clouds for super-plush.

Mattress Support Report personal profile image

At Our Greenville, NC Store, Mattress Shopping Is Made Simple

So when you shop at our Greenville, NC mattress store, every item on our floor is rated according to the mattress Support Report scale, such as 2 clouds for luxury firm and 3 for plush. It doesn’t matter if you are a side sleeper, the hardest to accommodate with a comfortable mattress, or a back or stomach sleeper. Furniture Distributors’ Support Report really works for everyone! The wonders of technical progress never cease to amaze, and our mattress Support Report presents you tomorrow’s solutions TODAY!

When you buy memory foam mattresses and more from Furniture Distributors, you’ll never again have to settle for something that’s not a good fit with your body type. Save big and feel so much better every morning. When you upgrade with us, the price is always right. And when you buy your new hybrid mattress, for instance, with cash, check, or credit, get an additional 10% OFF! Remember, mattress Support Report by Furniture First is ONLY at our Greenville, NC store. Come on in to get your personal profile!