Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Design Ideas for Fun Kids’ Bedrooms

After a full day of school and neighborhood antics, kids need the perfect slumber sanctuary to unwind in before they sleep the night away. Parents of all-aged children know how hard it is to enforce a bedtime. This is particularly true now that kids all come equipped with phones and tablets that help keep them awake even longer (staring at a bright screen all day does not help children sleep).

So how can you strategically choose kids’ room furniture that will make bedtime fun? Well, it's simple really. Make their bedroom a destination. A vacation. Somewhere they will voluntarily go well before sunset. (The only problem: you will need a new spot to send them to for time-outs.)

Here are some ideas on how you can transform your children's’ bedroom into a haven that they’ll want to be in.

 kids daybed

Pick a Theme

Setting a theme for kids’ bedroom design makes night-night extra fun. Talk to your kids to get the perfect idea. Common themes include sports, pirates, princesses, cartoons, video games, outer space, music, and many others. There is matching furniture to go along with many concepts. Kids’ beds come ready-made in every fantasy from castles to jeeps!

 bunk beds

In Shared Rooms, Stack the Beds

If you have sibling roomies, bunk beds are a perennial favorite for keeping your square footage clear for play space. You have a wide range of sturdy twin-bed options in this department from traditional barracks to classic colonial to industrial cool!

 floral kids bedding

Personalize by Accessorizing

Even if you can’t hire designers and craftsmen to create bespoke bedroom accessories for your little ones, not to worry. There are enough zany and durable kids’ accent pieces and bedding to fit any youngster’s personality and interests, from music to football and of course both! Everything from floral and animal designs to desert camo is an option to inspire your youngster’s imagination.

These are just three of the many ways to make every night a slumber party. We hope you found these tips useful. And always remember Rule #1: safety first. Finding the coolest style is great, but make sure the furniture can take years of heavy use.

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