Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Design Tips: How to Maximize a Small Space

Maybe your cozy home is just a bit too claustrophobic for your design vision. The interior decorating pros say “Don’t panic!” if your home is pressed for square footage. It’s a matter of finding a winning combination of economizing on your usage of square feet and ingenious decor tricks proven to create the illusion of spaciousness. Here are some pieces of advice we at Furniture Distributors have gleaned over the years of helping households like you stretch out in confining quarters.

corner TV console

The Glory of Compact Corner Units

If you can only dedicate a corner of your room to your entertainment furniture or home office, don’t fret. Our stores carry wonderful options in TV corner units for even wide-screen TVs complete with glass doors and shelves to accommodate your sound/speaker and media storage needs. For your workstation or dedicated study nook, consider an efficient, sleek corner desk with built-in shelves on one side.

office corner desk

It’s All Done with Mirrors

A tried and true design tactic to make a small room seemingly expand is to employ mirrors, and not necessarily complete wall mirrors to artificially double its size in an optical illusion. No, rather the skillful use of accent mirrors magnifies your room’s natural (sun) and artificial light.

accent mirror

Color and Light Magic

When you want your room to seem bigger, choose brighter colors than you normally would, go for window treatments that admit more sunlight, and strategically place more accent lamps around the room. Even electric candles on wall sconces can help. Also, choose glossier or shiny metal finishes such as chrome to bring your little room to life. And, just like with clothing, horizontal stripes make things appear larger.

Stop by our Cherry Point, NC store or any of our other locations for more help in maximizing your smaller home for the most aesthetic appeal and functionality, all at eminently affordable prices.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Design Ideas for Fun Kids’ Bedrooms

After a full day of school and neighborhood antics, kids need the perfect slumber sanctuary to unwind in before they sleep the night away. Parents of all-aged children know how hard it is to enforce a bedtime. This is particularly true now that kids all come equipped with phones and tablets that help keep them awake even longer (staring at a bright screen all day does not help children sleep).

So how can you strategically choose kids’ room furniture that will make bedtime fun? Well, it's simple really. Make their bedroom a destination. A vacation. Somewhere they will voluntarily go well before sunset. (The only problem: you will need a new spot to send them to for time-outs.)

Here are some ideas on how you can transform your children's’ bedroom into a haven that they’ll want to be in.

 kids daybed

Pick a Theme

Setting a theme for kids’ bedroom design makes night-night extra fun. Talk to your kids to get the perfect idea. Common themes include sports, pirates, princesses, cartoons, video games, outer space, music, and many others. There is matching furniture to go along with many concepts. Kids’ beds come ready-made in every fantasy from castles to jeeps!

 bunk beds

In Shared Rooms, Stack the Beds

If you have sibling roomies, bunk beds are a perennial favorite for keeping your square footage clear for play space. You have a wide range of sturdy twin-bed options in this department from traditional barracks to classic colonial to industrial cool!

 floral kids bedding

Personalize by Accessorizing

Even if you can’t hire designers and craftsmen to create bespoke bedroom accessories for your little ones, not to worry. There are enough zany and durable kids’ accent pieces and bedding to fit any youngster’s personality and interests, from music to football and of course both! Everything from floral and animal designs to desert camo is an option to inspire your youngster’s imagination.

These are just three of the many ways to make every night a slumber party. We hope you found these tips useful. And always remember Rule #1: safety first. Finding the coolest style is great, but make sure the furniture can take years of heavy use.

To check out awesome furniture for people of all ages, visit our Newport, NC store or other locations.

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

A New Sectional or Sleeper Sofa Can Completely Change Your Home

As the leaves crunch under our feet and the little ones prepare to trick or treat, now is the perfect time to think about redecorating your living spaces with new furniture. Being the heart of the home, your living room is the ideal place to start—and Furniture Distributors in Eastern Carolina is your best source for the loveliest, and cheapest home decor around!

Today we’ll review some of our favorite pieces of living room upholstery, as well as ways you can easily upgrade your living room, while having some fun in the process:

Reclining Corner Chaise Sectional

Divvy Up Your Space and Redecorate with a New Sectional Sofa

Sometimes we get tired of our existing furniture, and that’s okay. Perhaps the colors and fabrics that once delighted us now seem stale; or perhaps we simply want to get away from hard-to-clean fabrics and relax on something more luxurious and leathery. Whatever the case, a living room sectional sofa could be what you need to lighten and enliven your living situation.

When picking out a sectional sofa, you’ll want to weigh fabric versus leather; classic versus contemporary; and even the extras, like a built-in chaise end or left facing recliner. With a single piece of decor, you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve, and how much happier it’ll make you.

Leather Power Recliner

Rest Comfortably and Quietly on a Power Lift or Rocker Recliner

A new sectional sofa can definitely bring your friends and family together comfortably; but sometimes, when relaxing in the peace and quiet of your own home, you want a sofa that’s designed specifically for the solo-lounger—the living room rocker recliner.

Between the plush of its padded arms, and all the squish of the bustle-back cushioning, it’s  extremely hard not to fall in love with your rocker recliner on your first sitting. And if you’re feeling the urge to stretch out and slumber, your power lift recliner will happily oblige you.

Jarreau Blue Sofa Chaise Sleeper

A Sleek Sleeper Sofa Is Your Answer to the Impromptu Sleep Over

On those occasions when an evening with friends turns into a late-night gathering, there’s nothing as pleasant or as gratifying as extending a bed to your guests. Owning a sleek and versatile sleeper sofa allows you to be the perfect host on short-notice, and provides extra ultra-comfortable seating by day. If you’re hoping to breathe new life into your living room, we wholeheartedly recommend an adaptable sleeper sofa, and plenty of pillows to go with it!

Visit any of our furniture stores in Eastern Carolina, including our location in Camp Lejeune, Jacksonville, NC, to start redecorating your living room today!

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Welcome to Furniture Distributors!

When you need quality home furniture “right now” at family-friendly pricing, Eastern Carolina has your perfect answer in the family-owned and operated Furniture Distributors! In over 35 years of continuous operation and expansion, our six stores have become a watchword among servicepeople and other households for uncompromising furniture quality. That’s because we carry only reliable national brands whose economies of scale give you MASSIVE savings on EVERY piece we sell you. Whether your billet is in CONUS or your loved one is deployed overseas, that’s a break anyone will appreciate. We know how hard it is to serve your country and balance your home’s budget. We at Furniture Distributors are honored to present you with furniture ranging from faithful re-creations of Victorian splendor to today’s informal vibe. What’s more, we will NEVER be undersold! Our famous Smart Shopper Promise guarantees we will match ANY price lower than you paid us, within 30 days of your purchase. Our low prices are offered daily but don’t forget to check out our specials online as well as our clearance items.

Classic and Contemporary Furniture for Your Entire House

From 5-piece dining room sets to fun and handy kids’ storage beds, Furniture Distributors has a piece or set of home furniture to meet every need and budget. Better still, you can have your new living room sofa or loveseat custom upholstered to fit your vision and your walls’ colors. Need help planning your rooms’ furniture? No worries here. Furniture Distributors is proud to help you with our ace in-house design consultants.

Enjoy Our No-Worry Delivery

Once you’ve made your big decision to invest in new home furniture or a state-of-the-art queen or full mattress, the next step is a piece of cake when you buy from Furniture Distributors. Our professional, prompt furniture delivery includes transport, unpacking, assembly, AND placement. And if there is ANY manufacturer issue within 90 days of your receiving your new purchases, the transport charges are on us!

Generous Financing on Your New Home Furniture

Even if you have no credit, Furniture Distributors will help you get the pieces, sets, and mattresses you want through quick approval, 90-day purchase options, and early buyout possible. See our Financing page for more information.

Check out our main website, then swing by any of our six convenient Eastern Carolina locations including our Cherry Point, NC store at 3918 Woodside Drive.