Thursday, November 7, 2019

Rethink YOUR Dining Room Thanks to Awesome Fall Furniture Financing!

Fall isn’t just a time of raking leaves and making sure the furnace is in order: at Furniture Distributors it’s a PERFECT time for awesome furniture financing for new dining sets for the holidays and so much more! At Furniture Distributors, we understand that a piece of furniture is so much more than wood and upholstery. It sets the stage for your happiest memories of family and friends, sharing meals and football on TV, and most important, your children growing up in this love and passing down these traditions. They might even pass down the 7-piece dining set you buy this season!

contemporary brown wood 7-piece dining set

Special Furniture Financing Options

This season, remember that Furniture Distributors now offers you extraordinarily generous furniture financing options when you’re looking to upgrade your dining table or renew another room’s look. For example, did you know that if your credit is good enough, we’ll offer up to 48 months of special financing? That’s a break you don’t often see. If you’ve had financial rough patches due to medical bills or past unemployment, ask us about our no-credit-check furniture financing to rebuild your financial future as well as enjoy beautiful new living room furniture or bedroom sets.

So dare to dream big by rethinking your dining room furniture this fall thanks to generous furniture financing at our Havelock, NC store and other North Carolina locations.

Monday, October 7, 2019

Amazing Mattress Support Report: Find YOUR Perfect Night “Ride”!

For your next sleep solution, Furniture Distributors’ well-appointed mattress stores have wonderful news! Come to our Greenville, NC location to use the truly amazing mattress Support Report by Furniture First to determine the best mattress type for your body. We have got queen mattresses and more literally down to a science. Take the otherwise expensive guesswork out of what you’ll be sleeping on for the next 10 years!

Mattress Support Report

How Mattress Support Report Works

Originally developed to help doctors, our mattress Support Report from the Xsensor company has you lie on a special bed equipped with 1,800 sensors and a monitor screen. These sensors measure pressure and support according to your body’s unique shape. Our Support Report then uses the data from the sensors to make a map of your body with varying pressures shown with different colors, which the monitor will show you. Where your personalized pressure image shows red is where you need maximum support. The report then assigns a number to you for a recommended mattress. Couples are mapped one person at a time to yield both individual and couples product recommendations. Results range from 1 cloud (cute!) for firm to 4 clouds for super-plush.

Mattress Support Report personal profile image

At Our Greenville, NC Store, Mattress Shopping Is Made Simple

So when you shop at our Greenville, NC mattress store, every item on our floor is rated according to the mattress Support Report scale, such as 2 clouds for luxury firm and 3 for plush. It doesn’t matter if you are a side sleeper, the hardest to accommodate with a comfortable mattress, or a back or stomach sleeper. Furniture Distributors’ Support Report really works for everyone! The wonders of technical progress never cease to amaze, and our mattress Support Report presents you tomorrow’s solutions TODAY!

When you buy memory foam mattresses and more from Furniture Distributors, you’ll never again have to settle for something that’s not a good fit with your body type. Save big and feel so much better every morning. When you upgrade with us, the price is always right. And when you buy your new hybrid mattress, for instance, with cash, check, or credit, get an additional 10% OFF! Remember, mattress Support Report by Furniture First is ONLY at our Greenville, NC store. Come on in to get your personal profile!

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

This Fall, Get Your Living Room Furniture Ready for Some Serious Game Parties!

Whether you’ve got a man cave or opened the front half of your home so you and all your buddies can watch the Pirates win again, check out ultra-cool living room furniture and entertainment centers at competitive prices from Furniture Distributors. We love our teams as much as you do, so let’s sit in state-of-the-art comfort, drinks and snacks ready, and not miss a second of the action on the field!

burgundy Catnapper reclining sofa

First-Class Living Room Reclining Furniture

With varsity-level brands such as Jackson Catnapper furniture on our squad, you know you can kick back and really relax as the football or movie action gets going on screen. This brand has become synonymous with quality motion furniture such as our own people’s choice burgundy lay-flat reclining sofa upholstered in soft polyester. Part of Jackson Catnapper’s Casual Comfort designs, this reclining furniture has extra-wide seats and is available with a power upgrade! To save a bit more, this fall we also offer motion sofas from top brand Ashley furniture for only $599. Your choice of living room furniture upgrades include recliners starting as low as $199. For an especially broad range of motion furniture styles, very customizable and with feminine appeal, check out Furniture Distributors’ reclining Best furniture loveseats and more.

brown Ashley entertainment center

Frame Your TV Perfectly on Our Entertainment Centers

You’ve put a lot of thought and money into your wide-screen set and sound system. Your entertainment center to house these and other goodies such as game controls and media should be no less grand. Here again world-leading Ashley furniture is at your service. Veneers in handsome finishes such as cappuccino are set on sturdy particleboard to cut costs. Enjoy trim modern design plus space big enough for a 46-inch, 88-pound screen and many shelves.

Make the most of football season and gathering for fun while it gets cold outside thanks to the fantastic living room furniture and more at our Cherry Point, NC store and other Furniture Distributors showrooms!

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Choose the Best Adjustable Bed for You

Among Furniture Distributors’ favorite mattress store products, well-made adjustable beds offer you the luxury of sitting up in bed if you want to catch some late-night reading on your electronic device or some movie-watching. Likewise when you’ve got an injury old or new, the ability to raise your feet in your adjustable bed is an incomparable comfort. But with the myriad of adjustable beds on the market, you might be stuck in “information overload” mode. That’s why today’s blog post will focus on these relaxing beds so you can make a better-informed decision. While adjustable beds from Furniture Distributors are always affordable, of course you want to spend wisely on a substantial investment in your long-term health.

king adjustable bed

Well-Made Adjustable Beds Fit Your Sleeping Position

We are all either back, side or stomach sleepers, and adjustable beds are engineered accordingly. If you’re scrunched in a fetal position on your side, chances are you’re trying to avoid back pain. You might not even know you’re doing it as it’s become a longstanding habit. Also, if you find yourself propping up bent legs with a pile of pillows, why suffer needlessly? With the touch of a remote, your new adjustable bed stays in the optimal position to relieve your discomfort all night. Furthermore, adjustable beds promote a healthful sleep posture called Fowler’s position. Here you sleep on your back with your upper body raised at a 45-degree angle. This enhanced sleep posture is a relief to those suffering from acid reflux and GERD when asleep. For job like these, a stack of even the best pillows just isn’t up to it. A fine viscoelastic mattress on a fully adjustable bed frame is your ready answer.

queen adjustable bed

Enjoy Adjustable Beds’ Durability and Versatility

When you need to sit up in bed, say, if you’re sick and need rest, our stock of adjustable beds is ready to assist beautifully with smooth motion and remote-control operation. And your purchase is built to last, up to 20 years! Better still, most adjustable bed frames are compatible with standard headboards. So if you want to retrofit your old bed or start anew with the headboard selection at Furniture Distributors, go right ahead!

For the answers to all your adjustable bed questions stop by our well-appointed Havelock, NC mattress store.

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

The Richness of Real Leather Furniture: Pros and Cons

Today’s blog post topic, the goodness of real leather furniture, almost needs no introduction. For centuries, real leather upholstery, as in everything from riding saddles to motorcycle jackets, has been prized for its smart look, supple feel, and incomparable durability. But slightly more expensive leather furniture MIGHT not be right for every household! For that reason, for this post your friends at Furniture Distributors are giving you the 411 on real leather furniture including its advantages and drawbacks. That way you can make an informed decision when you visit one of our well-appointed North Carolina stores.

leather loveseat

Get Leather Upholstery for Legendary and True Durability!

Your leather loveseat or other new furniture upholstered in this natural material should last at least 10-15 years, even longer with proper care. Some of leather upholstery’s legendary qualities include stain resistance and natural thickness. A tip: when looking at leather furniture, be sure to ask for the top quality by making sure it’s “top grain” or “full grain.” This uses actual animal skin such as, commonly, cowhide, rather than leather particles used in artificial material sometimes called leather. But if you choose wisely, your new leather living room sofa can last up to 20 times longer than a copy clad in something lesser. These true leathers look, and feel, absolutely amazing. Just be sure to take care of them, with a good leather conditioner, for instance.

leather living room chair

Some Disadvantages of Leather Furniture for Your Home

As has been mentioned, leather furniture costs a bit more, sometimes five times greater than imitations. When you have something as valuable as leather upholstery, you are responsible for its care. That means making sure it stays clean so it doesn’t wear out too soon. Other things to watch out for when using your leather living room chair or other richly upholstered piece are fading due to sunlight, so no direct light from windows, please, and scratching. Do you have a cat? Then maybe that leather recliner’s not the best choice for you. But small scratches are no problem if you use leather polish.

For all your leather furniture questions and some awesome options, come to our Havelock, NC store!

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Is a Memory Foam Mattress Right for You?

No doubt about it: memory foam mattresses are the industry’s big success story of the past 20 years. Many top brands make them, and each has its refinements so you get that 7-9 hours of sleep you need for performance and health. But is a memory foam mattress right for you? If so, which one? In today’s blog post we’ll give a quick overview of this wonder substance and why so many Furniture Distributors customers come back to tell us getting a memory foam mattress is the greatest decision they ever made.

memory foam mattress

How Memory Foam Mattresses Evolved

What became your memory foam mattress started in the top-secret labs of the federal government during the space race to the moon, in the 1960s. Then, NASA was looking for a material to best absorb the impact in crashes. This early viscoelastic foam was so good that hospitals started using it for wheelchair seat cushions to relieve painful pressure points due to prolonged sitting or lying in intensive care. It wasn’t long before mattress brands took an interest. And so in the 1990s, the first commercial memory foam mattresses hit the market. These were not without their problems. Early memory foam retained heat making for a less comfortable night, for example. The brands got this feedback and went back to the lab. Today, memory foam mattresses of all sizes and firmnesses make up 2 out of 10 new mattresses sold in the United States!

gel hybrid memory foam mattress

Why a Memory Foam Mattress for You?

One of the biggest groups of memory foam mattress fans are side sleepers. When you sleep on one side, the uneven surface you present to your mattress makes it extra hard to support your body without aggravating pressure points. Not a problem with today’s memory foam mattresses, which shape themselves perfectly and evenly to your body’s contours, giving your tired muscles a break. To solve the problem of temperature control, memory foam mattress makers created foam that “breathes”! That mean airflow through the mattress on the cellular level gives you the perfect temperature control you seek. Consider a gel hybrid memory foam mattress if motion disturbance has been an issue for you and a partner.

Whatever your sleep requirements, the selection of memory foam mattresses at our Camp Lejeune, NC store and other Furniture Distributors locations is second to none in the area for quality and fair prices.

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Be Radical with Sofaless Living Room Furniture Ideas

Today Furniture Distributors will blow your mind by NOT trying to sell you a living room sofa – maybe you don’t need it for your space. Or maybe you like being contrary. Everybody and his brother has a sofa so let’s not. Whatever your interior design vision for your living room furniture, here are some fun sofa-free ideas for your front room that are all easily doable with pieces and sets from us.

living room bench

Go with Living Room Chairs and Benches to Mix Things Up

Need living room furniture that’s as flexible and informal as you are? Switch it up with cool living room chairs and benches as your room’s seating. You can put them in a circle for conversation or arrange them theater style for movie or TV marathon night!

living room storage ottoman

All Hail the Living Room Ottoman, Furniture’s Switch-Hitter

An oversize storage ottoman or three is a boon to many living rooms. In your sofaless arrangement, this living room furniture all-stars can get more use as seats as well as handy ways to banish clutter. And when you need an extra surface for a dinner plate, voila! It’s about time these furniture switch-hitters got the respect they deserve.

living room daybed

Try a Cute and Cozy Living Room Daybed Instead!

This may seem like cheating because a living room daybed, a charming option for smaller homes that lack a guest room, resembles a sofa in its daytime mode, but it’s not. Choose one of our stylish daybeds in designs from traditional to industrial.

For all these no-sofa living room furniture ideas, check out our Havelock, NC store or one of our several Furniture Distributors locations.

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Design Tips: Dining Room Furniture for You

When you are selecting dining room furniture to start or upgrade your home, consider several factors. First, this set likely will be for much more than formal occasional dinners. Today’s casual, friendly lifestyles and popular open floorplans lend themselves to versatile dining tables and seating. No matter if you’re after a dignified Victorian-style 7-piece dining set or a cute counter-height dinette for your breakfast nook slash homework study station, Furniture Distributors not only provides you with a diversity of styles and price points. Through the years and with designers’ advice we’ve figured out how best to make a well-informed choice for your household.

7-piece dining set

Which Size and Shape Dining Table Should YOU Have?

When you miss the mark measuring your space for your dining table, you end up either with the table crowding out your chairs or lots of dead space making your room look bad. So be very judicious with your yardstick or tape measure, checking out how much square footage you have. Write it all down, and measure again. It’s crucial! Anyway, when you have a handle on your room’s dimensions, you can plan and shop online or visit the store. Here are some basic dining room table rules to live by. Make sure the table is at least two feet from the walls. This guarantees that your dining room set will dominate the room without being overpowering. The optimal clearance space between the table and your walls is one yard, that is, 36 inches. Also, choose a table width practical enough so everyone seated can comfortably reach the center to serve themselves, pass the vegetable bowl or gravy boat, etc. A standard for this criterion is 4 feet or less. Your new dining table’s top should be around 30 inches above your floor. Square and round tables of course are good for smaller rooms.

dining chair

Fitting Dining Chairs into Your Room

To determine your dining furniture’s optimal seat-to-table distance, try out various pieces in the store. It’s paramount that your chair can slide under the table without knocking anything. A novel idea in dining decor is to artfully contrast styles (not clash) in chairs, dining benches, and tables rather than have everything match. Don’t be afraid to experiment with a bit of whimsy.

When you want to make over your dining room furniture to better fit your changing needs and tastes, our Havelock, NC store is here to assist and of course to offer you the lowest prices.

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Design Tips: Awesome Home Offices

Need a kitchen command center? A homework nook for your middle-schoolers or even yourself doing postgrad research? Or maybe you joined the legions of 21st-century workers enjoying more productive use of their time working from home instead of driving long distances daily. Whatever your home office furniture needs, and whatever square footage you may have at your disposal, there is an ideal design with its accompanying pieces that will help you reach your goals.

 writing desk

Clever Solutions for the Smallest Home Offices

If you’re just starting out or you have no spare bedrooms to convert into your home office or study space, don’t panic. Even a wall or corner can be profitably (pun intended) converted into a trim, efficient workstation. The home office furniture we can order for you includes ideal solutions as manufacturers understand your dilemma. For example, you can squeeze a cool multipurpose desk complete with built-in shelves underneath so you have a simple, uncluttered spot at which to sit and tap away on your laptop, free from distractions. You can also have drawers and USB ports in your desk, conserving precious space.

L-shape desk

Stretch Out a Bit: Midsize Home Offices

If you enjoy having a bit more room for your home office furniture but you’re still sharing a room, check out corner desks or the slightly longer L-shaped versions that can occupy about a fourth of the space. Again consider a piece that includes drawers and/or shelves. These desks afford you more room to lay out documents or to park your printer.

desk with hutch

Full-Sized Home Offices

When you have a dedicated room for your home office, some excellent choices include impressive executive desks with Victorian design details, perfect for receiving clients in your home. Also popular are credenza desks with hutches.

For your home furniture needs, our Havelock, NC store is ready for you!

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Design Tips: Contemporary Living Rooms

Traditional living room furniture often fits one of two patterns. First, there was the formal parlor sometimes with plastic slipcovers on the long-coveted “good furniture” that was often just for show. Children and pets were forbidden almost all the time and even the grownups only used the room a couple of times a year, such as having guests over for the holidays. Second, you had riotous displays of chintz and other clutter from travel souvenirs to the umpteenth “pretty collection” of something, in its own way as off-putting as the parlor. With today’s casual, friendly approach to life and open floor plans, such living room arrangements have become a thing of the past. Living room furniture from Furniture Distributors is meant to be lived in, truly USED. Your living room is part receiving area, part true lounge both for family and friends, part homework and music-practice location, and even more. Contemporary living rooms are both inviting and uncluttered, also reflecting Asian ideas about living spaces as popularized by feng shui and downsizing maven Marie Kondo. Here are some design tips to get the most joy out of your modern living room and its furniture.

 occasional tables

Clarity and Focus: Zen-Like Simplicity

One approach to contemporary living room furniture comes from the idea that the best-looking living rooms, of those with the most affluence and taste, resemble art galleries with the spare purposefulness of the decor, as clear as a Zen garden. Yet the space is eminently livable, reflecting the modernist idea last century of the home as a machine for living. Many living room pieces and sets fit this idea. One example is a living room sofa in black leather, its stark lines accentuated by its gleaming chrome frame. An ideal companion piece for this sofa would be a coffee table with a tempered glass top. It doesn’t take too much imagination to fill in the rest of the decor details, from ultramodern accent lamps, the bulbs seeming hanging from metallic stalks or ensconced in glass balls, to Patrick Nagel prints, car posters or even fine original signed and numbered art on the walls. Another approach nods to the recent past, popularized by TV shows such as “Mad Men.” Midcentury modern, also called Danish modern, was considered unhip a couple of decades ago and thrown out; now decorators can’t get enough of it. Thank goodness you don’t have to comb vintage shops to find a fragile old sofa or bar to make this decor statement. Choose among the top brand furniture in our stores to channel your inner Don Draper or Joan Holloway.

 living room ottoman

Spot Color to Add “Pop”

Once you’ve got the noble-simplicity vibe going in your living room furniture, it’s time to have a little fun. Why not an accent ottoman or pouf in faux fur dyed fuchsia? Maybe an accent chair or armchair in hubba-hubba electric line green or ice-cream shop orange. The possibilities for spot color as an exclamation point to your decor statement are virtually endless!

Get started on fitting out YOUR dream contemporary living room furniture with the help of our Newport, NC store and other Furniture Distributors locations.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Novel TV Room Design Ideas

Maybe your square footage allows you a dedicated room for your favorite TV shows, movies, sports, and games. Or if you’re in a small apartment, a corner or nook is all you have to spare for your important “appointment TV” viewing. No matter what you’ve got to work with, we at Furniture Distributors are happy to share some design tips to maximize your enjoyment of your entertainment furniture, whatever you may choose.

TV stand

Create a Distinctive Space Within a Room

When you can’t have a room dedicated to your TV, sound, etc., you can still masterfully create the effect of a separate space within an existing room with differences in decor. For example, in a room with hardwood floors, try a soft rug in a bright color between your seating and TV stand. Then have your window treatment and accent pillows mirror or echo that color choice. Perhaps a dimmer switch for your entertainment nook can enhance your viewing with the home theater experience even if your screen is relatively small. If you really want to mark your media space, maybe one wall color such as stark white or putting up wood laminate will do the job without competing with the screen for your eyes’ attention. To make a small space seem bigger, try placing the sofas parallel to the screen.

 entertainment center

Less Is More: Minimalist Chic

From midcentury to industrial there are many complementary design ideas that make sure the focus or your room or corner is the screen. Keep distractions to a minimum; leave the mementoes for another day. But if you don’t want bare walls or shelves on your entertainment center, have some fun by putting a picture or two of your all-time favorite movie or show in a frame that blends into the wall color.

For the entertainment furniture to make your media room a design success, stop by any of our six locations including our Havelock, NC store.